Philosophy & Mission

believe1 300x222 Philosophy & MissionVSW’s Philosophy
We believe stories are the backbone of all cultures and the most powerful form of communication and education there is.

We believe important messages and innovative expertise deserve competent craft, beautiful design, and great avenues for dissemination.

We believe innovation is always built on tradition and we respect both.

We believe those who write with courage give others permission.

We believe that style is a process and not a goal.

We believe that perfectionism can destroy creativity, but excellence can be nurtured in each individual.

We believe in using technology not only for the power of global communication but to explore how it works with written, spoken and improvisational words.

We are the Vancouver School of Writing and we believe in the artful use of words to go beyond words.

VSW Mission

The mission of the Vancouver School of Writing (VSW) is to provide simple, straightforward global
learning on how to write a book and get it published successfully, exploring the multiple choices writers have in this electronic age.

Ethical Statements

  • To nurture any person committed to learning and furthering their writing and writing projects and to understand that individuals have different needs in learning and growth.
  • To promote our programs using ethical means such as bona fide referrals and let the programs speak for themselves.
  • To uphold our Philosophy in Writing and Teaching.


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