Presentation Excellence Group (PEG)

PEG – Presentation Excellence Group

PEG 300x130 Presentation Excellence Group (PEG)

This is drop-in coaching group to become a better presenter for new authors doing readings, new speakers, entrepreneurs, and business people.  Participants bring a passage, story, opener or part of a presentation that they would like to work on. Maximum capacity is 28 people per group. You may sign up in advance to any month but no-shows are not acceptable and may exclude you from future meetings.

Dates: once every month

To sign-up email: and put “PEG” in the title.

Time: 6pm – 8pm

Third Thursdays
Location: Downtown Vancouver TBA
Room: TBA
Cost:  $20 minimum of 10 people. Not everyone will be able to experience the one-on-one coaching, first come, first coached, however it is a group facilitated coaching and everyone has some participation and learning.

Reserve through and put “PEG “ in subject line and state which month(s) sessions you wish to be in. You may sign up in advance to any month(s). Must have a reservation and will be invoiced via email so you can pre-pay via credit card in advance when we have enough reservations. No-shows or cancels cannot be refunded however you can send someone in your place. For more information:

Vancouver School of Writing  – 778-300-5152

speaking training at UBC Presentation Excellence Group (PEG)


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