VSW Manuscript Assessments

VSWReader VSW Manuscript AssessmentsA VSW Reader’s Report (or Manuscript Assessment) is a professional report created on a completed manuscript but while the book is in its intial draft stages. This would be before it is sent to a publisher or before it is sent for editing. The report comes from a VSW template and delivered by an approved person in the writing, editing and publishing field. They will give suggestions, indicate any major structural shifts that may be beneficial to consider, or other overarching recommendations they may see from a reader, editor or publisher’s perspective.  A VSW Reader’s Report (or Manuscript Assessment) is NOT copyediting or proofreading.

Fees for VSW Reader’s Reports*
up to 30,000 words = $300 plus tax
for up to each each additional 5,000 words is an additonal $50.

Benefits of a VSW Reader’s Report:

  • Increases the quality of the product dramatically
  • Makes the book more saleable and/or readable
  • Gives writers an objective and safe reader’s opinion that is not just friends and family
  • Is from an approved and experienced VSW reader with professional experience
  • Makes writer’s aware of marketing opportunities
  • Saves time in the editing and formatting stages
  • Saves time and money in reducing any further revisions that come after a first printing
  • Finds opportunities to capitalize on
  • Questions and troubleshoots any possible impediments

To Request a VSW Reader’s Report email: registration@vancouverschoolofwriting.com

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