Writing Retreats in Mexico

With Writing Coach and Author of Writing with Cold Feet  and The A to Zen of Writing,

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January, outside Manzanillo, Mexico.
2017: Jan. 23 – Jan. 29  see prices below

* note January retreat must be filled before possibilities of a February retreat


1phoneIf you want to talk to someone about our retreats call:
We will return messages promptly and answer all your questions.


The Retreats Include:

  • Group Classes in writing and publishing – non-fiction and fiction
  • One-on-one Coaching in writing and publishing
  • Accommodation Choices to fit your budget
  • A complimentary copy of “Your Plans For Writing a Book” that has all KLs best writing tools
  • Social Events and networking with writers
  • Readings
  • Guided fun events
  • Continental Breakfast before classes

1 Week Retreats (7-day)

January 2017 (23 – 29): 
$897 per person
15% off with early bird booking

NOW $767 CAD

when you book before December 30th ($200 deposit required)

PLUS $50 rebate ($717) if you book before November 20th, and attend in January!

A confirmed schedule will be sent to participants well in advance. Accommodation is chosen in advance from economy apartments and rooms starting at $55/night, to deluxe and mid-range suites in the retreat centre, or beside the retreat house, or hotel service. Participants can join us early and stay beyond retreat dates as they wish. Flights to Manzanillo and ground travel to the retreat house and accommodations are arranged by the participants (many use their points).


$200 deposit Reserves Your Accommodation and spot at the early bird price.
Fully refundable up to 25 days before the retreat. Balance due by December 15th for January retreat and January 2nd for February retreat.

More questions? Call 1-604-564-4444 and we will return your call promptly.

Kathrin Lake

Kathrin Lake is an author and writing coach with over 20 years experience teaching writing to adults in a way no one else does. Kathrin is an award winning playwright, former newspaper editor and has helped hundreds of people write their first published works, and helped many more get over their fears and procrastination around writing and speaking. You may find her books on Amazon.

Retreat Grp 2014crp

“Every Winter, I take people on a retreat to my beautiful small town in Mexico to show them how to start to take their dream out of the box and write their book or another large writing project they thought they couldn’t get to.” – Kathrin Lake

Please email us for more information at and put “Retreats” in the subject line, adding a contact phone number is also appreciated.
or Phone:1-604-564-4444 and we will return your call promptly.



Many of these people were not authors before they worked with Kathrin…now…

ellenchauvet “I got my passion for writing back and what I accomplished is both valuable and sellable… the group was great, and we contributed and supported each other (so important !). The town was great and rustic. Loved the people. Loved the food. Loved the weather. Kathrin as a facilitator is extraordinary and for me personally gave me exactly what I was looking for. Confidence… Coaching on how to have my dialogue and the “gory” scenes work. Also great coaching on next steps for getting an agent and a publisher. The retreat was basically everything I wanted and more!”           – Ellen Chauvet, author of When Darkness Falls

“The town is a really good choice for the retreat. The timing worked
well, too, and I appreciate the flexibility of being able to attend for just
one week. The accommodation was perfect, and you really gave a lot of attentionJHnovel
to detail. I finished a novel, and already have the first chapters and synopsis agent-ready! So, the retreat worked for me. I would never have finished the
novel without the kind of support we had – I could write all day, then meet up
with people, so I never got lonely!” – Julie H (published author)

“I liked Kathrin Lake’s reminder to include stories. I tend to be a “just the facts, ma’am” writer, and Kathrin helped me move past that. In fact, I started my query letter to literary agents thinking “what story should I lead with?” and jumped into the most compelling one! Today one of those agents asked for a sample chapter and bio. O happy day! O so much work to do now! I’m happy I met Kathrin!” – Laurie PK

“I really enjoyed the whole experience. Being a part of a group of writers who share a common goal was a valuable experience that yielded new contacts and connections that I treasure. To me, the town was a little scruffy, but felt safe and comfortable fairly soon after arrival and seemed a good choice for such an event, especially because of the familiarity and friendships. Kathrin and Jim were great hosts, warm and personable, offering suggestions for activities and creating a bond between the participants by providing You don't have to be a wimp to be abusedopportunities for the group to socialize together while allowing freedom for individual options. As a facilitator, Kathrin was insightful, and helpful, and kept the classes interesting.” – Jacquelyn Johnston

“I thought the town was a friendly place, and I felt completely safe there, even at
night. I also appreciated the apartment being so central. Kathrin’s guidance was extremely helpful, especially in the areas of character development. Asking me what my characters were like made me realize they needed more meat on their bones. I enjoyed the writing exercises in our class too. Jim and Kathrin were excellent hosts. ….Thank you for the delicious meals you prepared for us and the recommendations you gave for restaurants (Mexico Lindo’s was my favourite).” – Kelly Madden

“This is exactly what I needed to move me forward and get me going in the right creative direction. I enjoyed meeting an amazing group of dynamic, creative and energetic group of writers. Kathrin’s classes gave me the inspiration and knowledge to move me forward. She was refreshing, inspiring and I could ” hear” what she was saying. It spoke to me. Thank you so much Kathrin!” – Bev H

The Benefits of joining the Writing Retreats in Mexico

  • You will be writing and be able to get your project well on its way to completion
  • You will be taught great techniques
  • You will learn about the latest in publishing and how to be successful in the new Amazon age of publishing
  • You will gain new ways of thinking to help you through blocks
  • You will have fresh material that excites you
  • You will get clarity and organization
  • You will be shown how to and share your stories through an impactful story format
  • You will get coaching on your book, character development, etc.
  • You will have a plan
  • You will be suffused with the beauty of Mexico
  • You will share fearlessly and proudly

Assured Accommodation

New Retreat Centre planned for 2017!
Retreat Centre Mexico RENDER 14


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NOW $60  to $75 night

If you don’t want a private apartment and want to upgrade, more expensive and full service hotel accommodation is readily available with pool and all usual amenities.


We recommend you use your points to get best values on a return flight to Manzanillo. The retreat is in a coastal town to the north of the airport that is a taxi ride away. For best values without points, try (go to discount airfares tab), Alaska Airlines, or Air Transat or for Canadians



Continental breakfasts and refreshments during classes  and an evening farewell meal will be provided given at the Retreat House . Other evening meals and readings are enjoyed at the many excellent restaurant choices around the corner. We prefer to move the evening meal around and you can also have the fun of discovering your own favorites within a comfortable walking distance. The apartments have kitchenettes allowing those who want to cook for themselves to do so. In Mexico, food at restaurants is generally much cheaper and there are no taxes. For evening meals we may have some reservations and discounted group rates for a full meal and drinks, like at our final farewell dinner. At restaurants, you should allow for hearty breakfasts to cost = $2-$5, lunch = $3-$10 and dinner = $8-$15. Allow for street vendor tacos which are hot and fresh and you get 4 for about $2.


$200 deposit for Annual Mexico Writing Retreat in January or February.
Reserves your accommodation and spot at the early bird price.
Balance due by January 2nd for February retreat. More questions?
Call 1-604-564-4444 and we will return your call promptly.

You will be invited on a boat tour!

You will be invited on a boat tour!

Other Opportunities

  • Boat, Fishing, Snorkeling or other Tours
  • Shopping! Great arts and crafts! Weekly open air markets!
  • Beach is free and you can walk to the next town on it in about about 45 minutes
  • Booze is cheap and bars are relaxed
  • Clubs and bars often have live music, no cover charge unless a charity event
  • The infamous Mexican Drag Queen Show at “Bar Siboney”
  • Taxis to neighboring towns are inexpensive
  • See the crocodile sanctuary one hour away in another town via taxi


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